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?Lang Liquor's success was driven by its pressure on goods. Wang Junlin said "no more pressure on goods". The dealers complained that they did not dare to buy Chinese times (ChinaTimes. Net. CN) reporter Jin Xiaoyan reported in Beijing that "one of the six golden flowers of Sichuan liquor" Lang Liquor finally rose to the 10 billion club after thousands of hard work. Recently, Wang Junlin, chairman of Langjiu group, revealed to the outside world that Langjiu achieved a revenue of 21.1 billion yuan in 2123, and strived to complete the listing of Langjiu on the main board in 2121, and shouted that Langjiu would achieve the sales target of 21.1 billion yuan at that time. In other words, Langjiu will double its performance in the next two years. In fact, due to the product layout and brand focus problems have not been fundamentally changed, the performance pressure of Langjiu is self-evident. Recently, it was revealed that in order to achieve their own results, they pressed the dealers for goods, resulting in repeated complaints from dealers. "There are six million goods in hand, and they can't be sold in two years" according to the news, before the Spring Festival, Langjiu was reported to have the behavior of pressing goods to the channel. A liquor dealer who didn't want to be named said that except for Maotai, liquor enterprises have the behavior of pressing goods, and several liquor enterprises180tkcom深圳护民图库 that have made a breakthrough in the performance of 10 billion yuan have the most serious behavior of pressing goods to dealers, especially Langjiu. It has to be admitted that although it has brought a short-term prosperity to Langjiu, and its revenue exceeded 21.1 billion yuan in 2122, it is followed by a five-year period of de stocking adjustment. This time, the performance of the "old technology" is more than 10 billion yuan, but some dealers have begun to withdraw, and the sales volume in the future is not optimistic.